Discounted Equipment & Parts

If your standard gauge knitting machine does not allow for intarsia, you can add this carriage to make it possible. This beautiful KA-8200 Intarsia Carriage has never been opened or used. All original parts and pieces as well as the manual are in the original box. $79
One of Tami Nobuyuki's workbooks for beginners. A well written workbook that walks you through understanding your machine and what various buttons/cams do. Works with any brand machine as Ms.Nobuyuki has you fill it in as you progress through the book. She covers various methods of increasing and decreasing letting you see how each looks and feels letting you decide which you'd like to use in which situation. Various methods for attaching collars, sleeves, etc. as well as complete use of the garter bar. $12
Barbara Abbey's Complete Book of Knitting is a how-to guide for everything to do with hand knitting. Hard cover. Great condition. $35
One of Brother's instructional manuals for beginners. A very nice book outlining basic techniques like increasing and decreasing in various ways in easily understood language with excellent drawings. $12