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Shadow Lace Transfer Tool

An amazing tool to ease transferring lots of stitches to or from main bed and ribber attachment. Standard gauge.$59

Machine Knitting Tools & Parts

Available for Silver Reed/Studio/Singer, Brother/Knitking, and the LK150.


Machine Needles (pack of 5)

Standard Gauge Tools

Standard Gauge Tools

Mid-Gauge Tools

Mid-Gauge Tools

Bulky Tools

Bulky Gauge Tools

Sponge Bars/Needle Retainers

Sponge Bars

Miscellaneous Tools

Miscellaneous Tools

LK-150 Replacement Parts

Nancy carries or can order a wide variety of parts and supplies for virtually any machine. For some orders there is a minimum purchase with suppliers, so orders may be delayed.

LK150 Parts

Accessories for all other machines:
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