Two pre-knitted sock or hat blanks (100 gm) with row markings to facilitate stripe matching on a pair of socks. Available in  either sport weight merino wool or superwash wool/nylon.

Weavers and lace knitters will delight in the  bombyx silk blanks available in two yarn sizes:   or 20/2 silk (715 yds). Other yarn blanks available upon request.
machine knitted blanks

Choices avaiable:

Price listed is per pound.

3/9 Merino wool - 1600 ypp
3/9 Merino $35/pound
Superwash wool/nylon (75/25) - 1984 ypp
Wool/Nylon $30/pound
Sportweight superwash merino
Sport Superwash $37/pound

Fingering weight superwash merino

Fingering Weight Merino $35/pound

12/2 Bobyx silk - 3000 ypp

12/2 Bobyx silk

20/2 Bombyx silk - 5000 ypp

20/2 Bobyx silk