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New Cone Winders

Lacis Conewinder

Smoothly and effortlessly winds 10 oz of yarn or more onto cones. Machine knitting from cones rather than center pull balls, eliminates knots, tangles and tension problems.
Comes with 1 cones. Additional cones available for $14.00. Click here for specifications.

Price: $89.00

Cone Winder & Cones

Try-It-On Tubing

Plastic tubing grips most sizes of hand knitting needles and allows you to slide live stitches off needles without risk of dropping and running. While knitting is in progress, you can check garment fit by spreading stitches across the tubing. Tubing may also be used as a stitch holder. When ready to knit again, stitches slide easily back onto the knitting needles. Tubing works with straight, circular, or double-pointed needles.  Available in 2-yard lengths in two sizes: American-sized needles 2 to 8 or 8 to 13.  (Tubing for Size 8 to 13 needles is back in stock!)

Try-It-On Tubing for Knitters