Convergence Coat

Double Weave Reversible Coat This coat is the product of a three-way relay: Nancy machine knitted and dyed 60 feet of 20/2 silk/merino, Penny Peters wove the double weave fabric on her 32-shaft loom, and Loretta Warner designed and executed the reversible coat.


This knitted tapestry started with yarn handspun from Polwarth and Polwarth/angora roving. The yarn was reknitted into three blanks and dyed in three colorways: reds and oranges, blues and purples and golds and yellow. The dyed yarn was re-knit by my dear friend, Dana Murphy, on his Passap e6000 knitting machine.

Rainbow Sweater

The main yarn for  this side-to-side cardigan is a single strand of silk and merino that was  machine knitted and dyed in one piece.  Rayon ribbon stripes were added in the re-knit.

Celtic Cardigan

The commerically spun silk used in this sweater was machine knit and dyed in two self-striping colorways. The cardigan was re-knit on a Silver Reed LK 150 knitting machine. For more information on the LK 150, go to knitting machines.

Chris' Scarf

Nancy machine knit and dyed 20/2 silk for the weft yarn and painted the warp yarn in the same colors. Chris Little Carmack wove the scarf in an 8-harness twill pattern. The colorway is Grand Canyon.

Gisela's Scarf

Nancy machine knit and dyed 20/2 silk for the weft yarn. Gisela Evitt wove the scarf in an 8-harness twill pattern. The colorway is Plums & Apricots.

Ventanitas Vest

The "little windows" in this vest were hand knit using commercially spun merino yarn that was machine knit and dyed in two self-striping colorways.

Gansey Cardigan

Handspun blue-faced Leicester adds luster to this unorthodox Gansey. The traditional textured cables and knit/purl stitches are replicated in two machine knit and dyed self-striping colorways. The sweater was re-knit by hand in the round. The center front was steeked and cut to create the cardigan opening. The sleeves are knit from the top down with gussets under the arms.

Mosaic Stitch Cardigan

This sweater looks complicated, but is made with only two yarns: the multi-colored, self-striping yarn and the black contrast yarn. The colored yarn was handspun from a blend of polworth wool, kid mohair, and angora, The fiber was carded by Rovings.

Faux Lamb Jacket

Inspired by Sara Lamb's woven kimonos, this jacket was machine knit using five pieces of machine knit and dyed 12/2 silk. One additional skein of silk was spaced-dyed in black and white to imitate the ikat or jaspe warp stripes in Lamb's work, Adapted from Sewing Workshop Plaza Jacket sewing pattern

Stained Glass Tunic

Nancy machine knit and dyed narrow strips of fabric to make the self-striping yarn for this tunic. She unraveled the strips as she hand knit her intarsia design. The yarn is commercially spun Blue Face Leceister.

Alhambra Vest

Moorish tile designs were the inspiration for this kimono-style vest made from machine knit and dyed wool. Nancy's pattern for this vest can be found in the Summer 2008 issue of Knitwords magazine. (See Kits & Supplies for more information.)

Falling Leaves Scarf

Nancy machine knitted and dyed two blanks in two contrasting colorways and re-knit them on an electronic knitting machine in double bed jacquard, i.e. she used both the main and ribber beds. The result is a flat two-sided fabric. She designed the leaf pattern using Design-A-Knit software.

Double Weave Scarf

Nancy collaborated with Penny Peters to create this double weave scarf. Nancy machine knitted and dyed one blank of 60/2 silk. Penny designed the double weave pattern and wove it on her 32-shaft loom. The details of this collaboration are featured in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Handwoven magazine.



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