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Design-A-Knit 8 is here!! 

Design-A-Knit 8, commonly referred to as DAK 8, is a hand and machine knit designer software aid. It started shipping early October 2011. You can be among the first to receive it by purchasing one of the options below: DAK 8 Standard, Professional or the new Handknit option. Or you can mix and match those options that you need, e.g. Professional Machine and Handknit.

If you're upgrading, you can get a jump on delivery by purchasing the upgraded options you want and downloading the order form and sending it with your current DAK disk to Knitcraft at the address listed on the form. To be safe, I would, at a minimum, request a return receipt from your shipper. Once Knitcraft receives your order form and disk, they will contact me to confirm your payment. You won't need to send any money to Knitcraft.

Why order from Machine Knitting to Dye For? We will offer a free lesson with each purchase or upgrade. Feel free to call 510-559-9473 if you have any questions about DAK 8 or the ordering process.

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DAK 8 version

Design A Knit communicates with your knitting machine via cables from your computer to your knitting machine. You create your own pattern designs on the computer and then download them to the Silver Link box. The Silver Link box then interacts with the electronic carriage to knit your design. The Silver Link box also enables DAK's very useful interactive knitting giving tone or voice notifications for color changes, shaping instructions and more. Requires Silver Reed "curly cord" sold separately. Silver Link box and USB cables: $399.00

The Silver Reed electronic machines require a curly cord to connect them to either the PC-10 or the DAK Silverlink box. The "curly cord" is compatible with the SK830, SK840, SK860 and SK890. $52.